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  • Delphia
    Posted at 21:46h, 02 January

    Botuuor,Tojnes les cartes disponibles pour test ont trouvé preneurs. Nous vous livrerons prochainement les avis et premières impressions des testeurs.

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    "…pinças do freio montadas na parte inferior para abaixar o centro de gravidade."Será que um dia a F-1 voltará a ter gênios como o Colin, hein? Estão fazendo MUITA falta!!! :O)Belíssima miniatura!!

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    Posted at 05:22h, 03 January

    Les partisans de la guerre et de la haine sont toujours en pleine forme.On aimerait les voir plus souvent dans ces pays en guerre, ces nostalgiques de Verdun et du maréchal !

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    in the video bid is sell price while ask is buy price. surely no one will be willing to sell at a price lower than or equal to the buying price, therefore bid = ask or ask > bid is indeed practically impossible

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    Purrrrr! What a lovely dress…you do rock in leopard print.I love my daft old cat too and I'll probably end up as a mad cat lady but who cares? Penelope is right..we are a right bunch of cat nutters here!Have a great weekend.xxxxx

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    I wish they would fix the PM system. I can't read any PMs that I've sent since Feb. 14. It is also hard to approve comments. It usually takes 4 or more approvals before they are approved.

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